Thursday, March 24, 2016

I uncovered low, round piles of rocks in the woods near where I live and started wondering why they were there.  I found RockPiles.blogspot searching for clues on the internet.  Photos posted there made me wonder and wander even more through the woods....

There are easily 15 more still buried by leaves and roots.  They are of varying sizes, about 10 feet across.  The stones are mostly fist and head size.  The piles are about 15 feet apart, on a northeast facing hillside that ends in a respectable brook.  The area is wooded now, but was probably cleared for logging and pasture purposes.

Farther up the hill, there are some boulder supported piles. This is the bigger of two...
From the top
Looking North

Detail of supported pile
Across a small valley, on the next rise is a substantial wall, perhaps 200 feet, running exactly east-west.  It is as wide as 12 feet and as narrow as 18 inches in the places it crosses seasonal streams.
Looking Directly East

The wall one rock wide to the left (East) and much thicker in the middle and right (West)
There are as many as 26 possible depressions in this wall.  Some of the bigger and more obvious appear to be faced along the inside.
My back pack in a faced depression

White crystal rocks like this were all along this wall

More depressions

There were gaps, (perhaps ventilation holes?) at ground level, some seemed to be associated with the depressions.
Purposeful gap in wall at ground level
On the crest of the hill, with an amazing view to the east and south east is this very large boulder and related piles.

Possible Horizon Location pile behind the boulder

Down hill from the boulder, a sizable system of piles

200 + year old on north side of pile system

Faced wall/stack from big boulder to oak
Closer view of faced wall/stack

This boulder stands over 5 feet tall, and displays a set of beautiful white crystals at face level.
Nearby, more small round   piles like the ones I started with, and a huge split boulder partially filled with more stones.
There are dozens of piles here similar to the ones shown at the beginning of this post

Split rock with stones

Same Split rock with stones
All of these pictures are taken with in a mile and half of each other.  There are areas that have been farmed nearby, but the sites in these photos are in areas that were too steep or too full of boulders for plowing.  More...
Filled split rock down hill from horizon location pile

Seasonal stream flowing through pile system

Rocks placed on boulder

White Crystal boulder located at west end of large wall

Crystal boulder with clipboard for scale
I have never seen a wall like this, or rock piles that are so extensive.  It seems they must be related.
For more details on this wall, check this out:  Wall near Purgatory Falls